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Creating professional quality films for every type of client.

Harp Creative Media brings experience to the table concerning a multitude of project types. Whether for a government organization, for-profit, or non-profit we have the tools and experience necessary to bring your project to life. Our staff offer creativity and professionalism in a way that sets us apart from typical production studios.

We stay up to date on all of the latest filmmaking trends and techniques, in order to give you a result that is especially visually appealing. We offer 4k UHD filming, as well as Aerial Coverage and other modern means of filming.

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Areas of Practice



Your business needs to stay ahead of the competition. With a professionally made video advertisement, you can reach audiences who would typically ignore or click past your ad. We'll meet with you to discuss your ad, to make sure your branding is consistent.


Real Estate

In an era of social media explosion, video walkthroughs are invaluable in the Real Estate market. Gone are the days of standing out by filming on your iPhone. You need professional video and audio to make your property stand out.


Government Contracting

In government acquisitions, whether Local, State, or Federal, you want to make sure you’re not only getting a competitive price, but a quality product. More importantly, a quality product that others can vouch for! Our list of past clients speaks for itself. We seek to provide the best quality video production for the best price.


Live Events

When you host an event, promotion is a big component. Having a professional team film your event for promotions, highlights, and full-edits can mean the difference between whether your next event is attended or not.

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Harp Creative Media began in a church, and we still serve churches to this day. Whether you need regular announcement videos, comedy sketches, or promotional videos for events, we have your needs covered.


Everyone loved the video! Thanks for your amazing work!
— Nicole Ramos: Omnitrans